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Niceday Exercise Bike | Best Guide for 20 X Fitness Workout

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Are you struggling hard to pick the exercise bike that matches your budget? Then, don’t look further. niceday exercise bike offers such perks.

Niceday Recumbent exercise bike lies in the budget-friendly range, with many specs and benefits that are offered by branded types of equipment.

Many customers concurred over its smooth functioning and benefits. However,  every rose has its thorns, so there might be some drawbacks to this equipment.

Exercise bikes offers numerous advantages in terms of health. hence, try to choose a nice exercise bike that matches your fitness workout.

In this blog, I’ll share a detailed review of the Niceday Indoor Recumbent exercise bike that will help you decide whether to purchase it or not.

Niceday Indoor Recumbent Exercise Bike

Niceday Indoor Recumbent exercise bike is a home gym-based niceday exercise bike. It is sold by a Taiwan-based company through Amazon. Site. 


Item Dimensions52×25×11.5 inches
Item Weight56.27 kilograms
Included ComponentsManual
Minimum Height27 inches
Number of Resistance Levels8
Drive System Belt

Reasons to Buy

  • The fit and finish are pretty good, with an assembly time of 45 minutes.
  • Bike working is very smooth.
  • Adjustable seat to accommodate multiple riders.
  • Resistance is changeable with one click.
  • Resistance is manageable for every user.

Reasons to Avoid

  • The LCD is dark
  • Revolution Per Minute (RPM) is not shown
  • Not comfortable for very short or long people
  • Undefined warranty

Features & Benefits

Let’s explore the multiple features of the niceday exercise bike i.e., the Niceday Indoor Recumbent Exercise bike;

niceday exercise bike

1- Comfortable Seat

The seat is cushioned with a built-in lumbar support system and breathable mesh backrest. The seat can be adjusted to eight multiple different positions, making it suitable for most people with different body weights and a maximum height of 6.3’’ to adjust in the right position.

2- Digital Display

This bike comes with a digital display that displays all your workout data.

3- Tablet Holder

Niceday Recumbent bike gives you a perk to use a mobile phone or tablet during a workout. There is a tablet holder placed above the console. Hence, you can view anything you want and do your workout side-by-side.

4- Grip Heart Rate Monitors

There are also installed grip heart rate monitors from where you can get an idea of your heart rate during a workout.

5- Transport Handle

The bike is also integrated with a transport handle that provides a convenient grabbing for you while working out.

6- Smooth Performance

It is incorporated with a magnetic control system with an engineered 15 LBs flywheel that provides smooth and quiet performance. You can use it without any doubt of disturbance to your surroundings.

7- Adjustable Resistance

Instead of electrical resistance, it is incorporated with mechanical resistance level, i.e.,16. That’s why it is more durable, adjustable, and ideal for cardio exercise or physical therapy.

8- Best for Physical Therapy

It is ideal for arthritis patients to recover from replacement surgery. The reason is that it adds less resistance and less pressure to the back and lower joints, providing a smooth workout. A study showed that recumbent bikes help to improve outcomes in people with hip fractures.

9- Fitness Companion

It provides a high level of stability and safety. You can use it for the entire family because it can accommodate a maximum weight of 400 lbs.

Level of Resistance

Most of the exercise bikes operate using a weighted flywheel and a friction brake resistance mechanism for a smooth pedalling experience.

However, when it comes to recumbent exercise bikes, there is a lightweight flywheel with an approximate weight of 10 lb. But don’t despair about its resistance working. Multiple users are satisfied with its performance.

However, its magnetic resistance level of 16 allows you to adjust and tune its intensity according to your fitness workout. Sounds great!

However, it comes with a light flywheel, but it’s multilevel resistance makes it stand out among niceday exercise bikes..


The frame of the recumbent bike is relatively compact and small. But this compactness is a blessing in disguise when your workout room is pretty lacking in space.

When compared to other recumbent bikes, Niceday’s approximate weight could be around 125 lb, which is ideal for 4.&” To 6.3” height person to accommodate easily 

However, it’s a nice exercise bike of average weight, but its accommodation capacity is a bit higher, which is in favour of yours. Hence, ideal for a home gym.

Bottom Line

Niceday Recumbent exercise bike is an average model with specs and features that surely match your requirements, like burning calories, weight loss, recovery from injury, and better cardio exercise.

Regarding its low-weighted flywheel that is covered by multi-level resistance. Hence, it offers a better workout than other gym machines.

But there might be some speculations regarding a warranty that is not life-long. However, niceday exercise bike is a good purchase when used wisely.

Do comment and share your thoughts and experience about niceday exercise bikes.


1- Which is a better, stationary or recumbent bike?

Both bikes help improve cardiovascular endurance. A stationary bike is ideal for top speed, while a recumbent bike is best for low-impact workouts.

2- Is a recumbent bike good for health?

According to the study, recumbent bikes are as effective as upright cycling and provide improved results for lower limbs and muscles.

3- Is a recumbent a niceday exercise bike for people with bad knees?

A niceday indoor recumbent exercise bike is designed in such a way that it provides horizontal and reclined orientation suitable for people with joint problems and bad knees.

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